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Meet The Team

Behind every roof is a team of dedicated specialists.

Meet the people who make Nature Coast Roofing Solutions the go-to roofing company in Hudson Beach.


Ready to work with our trusted team? Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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Amanda Hart

Amanda's journey in the business world spans across various industries, from marketing and advertising with her long-standing role at Blackjack Media Group to innovating in the boating industry as part owner of Raptor Boatworks.

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Sales Manager

Kayla Nenoff

Kayla a 24-year-old sales professional and also a proud mother of three beautiful children. Her competitive nature has led her to excel in the field of sales, and she has always been driven to achieve success.

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Sales Manager

Chad Donovan

Chad Donovan is a dedicated Sales Manager at Nature Coast Roofing Solutions, where he applies his extensive experience in leadership and customer service to drive success and deliver solutions. Prior to joining the roofing industry, Chad honorably served in the military, a period during which he developed a strong sense of duty and a profound commitment to teamwork and precision.

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Hunter Hart

Hunter is the proud co-owner of Nature Coast Roofing Solutions, graduating high school in 2020, Hunter embarked on the entrepreneurial path alongside his mother, Amanda Hart.

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Project Manager

Steve DeMatos

Steve DeMatos is a Project Manager at Nature Coast Roofing Solutions and a member of the New Port Richey community as an active Rotarian. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for excellence, Steve has successfully led numerous projects. 

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Office Manager

Faith Marie Marguriet

Faith is an army Veteran, was an active member with Girl Scouts (former Leader and Area Lead), Cub Scouts (former Leader), Baltic Area Community Club (former founder and Treasurer-South Dakota), current member American Legion (former Treasurer), current member Fraternal Order of Eagles (member). 

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