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Chad Donovan

Sales Manager

Chad Donovan is a dedicated Sales Manager at Nature Coast Roofing Solutions, where he applies his extensive experience in leadership and customer service to drive success and deliver solutions. Prior to joining the roofing industry, Chad honorably served in the military, a period during which he developed a strong sense of duty and a profound commitment to teamwork and precision.


A family man at heart, Chad is a proud father to three daughters. His role as a parent mirrors his professional ethos—focused, nurturing, and always striving for excellence. Beyond his professional and family life, Chad is deeply involved in his community, particularly in supporting veterans' causes. He is an active member of several local veteran support groups, consistently using his skills and resources to give back and provide assistance wherever possible.


Chad's combination of military discipline, professional acumen, and community spirit makes him a valuable asset to Nature Coast Roofing Solutions and a respected member of his community.

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