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Shingle Roofing

Find Out if Shingle Roofing Is Right For You

Discover the superior quality of NCRS's shingle roofing services. As a trusted roofing company, we are dedicated to providing our customers with reliable and stylish roofing solutions. Our team of experienced roofers is skilled in the installation and repair of shingle roofs, and we offer a variety of options to fit your unique needs and budget. Browse our shingle roofing services page to learn more and find the perfect solution for your home or business. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!




Shingle roofing is one of the most economical roofing options, making it a popular choice for many homeowners.

Wide Selection

Shingle roofing is widely available and easy to find, with a variety of colors, styles, and materials to choose from, making it a versatile roofing option.

Weather Resistant

Shingle roofing is able to withstand harsh weather conditions, including heavy rain, wind, hail, and snow, making it suitable for most climates.

Easy Installation

Shingle roofing is relatively simple to install, making it a good choice for DIY projects or for those with limited roofing experience.

Quick and Easy Repairs

If damaged, shingle roofing is relatively simple and quick to repair, minimizing disruption to your daily life or business operations.


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